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Discover how Genap tackles real-world challenges with innovative and sustainable solutions. Explore our project portfolio and see how we leverage our expertise to craft tailor-made solutions to meet a variety of challenges.

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Cleaning of concrete silo
Hofman dairy farm | Zuidveen, The Netherlands

Inspection and cleaning of a slurry silo

Recently, we installed a new tensioned cover on a concrete silo measuring 25 meters in diameter and 5 meters in height at a dairy farm in Zuidveen. Prior to the installation, we removed the old cover, thoroughly cleaned the silo, conducted a gas-free measurement, and inspected the silo inside and out. Only after these preparations were completed did we carefully place the new cover.

Completed concrete slurry silo with tensioned cover
Esselink Agricultural Farm | Geesteren, Netherlands

Tensioned cover for concrete slurry silo

Genap installed a tensioned cover on Esselink's concrete slurry silo, preventing rainwater ingress and simplifying the mixing of slurry. The thirty-year-old silo was inspected according to KIWA guidelines by partner Appel Bouw, ensuring Esselink's compliance with Dutch regulations requiring complete covering of slurry storage since 2018.

Dibt-certified slurry reservoir
Heidkoppel, Germany

DIBt certified slurry reservoir

Genap offers DIBt-certified slurry reservoirs in Germany, complete with advanced features such as leak detection systems and meticulous installation of pipings. These reservoirs, featuring high-quality slurry-resistant liners, are manufactured and installed in accordance with the stringent guidelines of DIBt.

Mesh silo with return pipeline
Dairy farm Nijmeijer | Koekange, The Netherlands

Mesh silo with a return pipeline

Genap has installed a mesh silo with a return pipeline for more efficient slurry processing at Dairy Farm Nijmeijer in Koekange. Opting for a mesh silo, primarily for its cost savings compared to a concrete silo, offers benefits such as faster slurry loading and a mixing hatch for easy stirring, making slurry spreading more efficient.