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Tensioned cover for water silos

When water is stored in an uncovered silo, algae growth and other forms of contamination typically run rampant. The likelihood of irrigation systems becoming blocked as a result is high, leading to all sorts of undesirable consequences. An anti-algae tensioned cover prevents contamination and keeps the water permanently clean. In addition, the storage capacity of the water silo is maximized because the cover reduces wave action and evaporation.

Application of a tensioned cover

Genap’s tensioned covers are available for both indoor and outdoor setups of water silos. They are manufactured using Genatex® 700, a specially designed open weave fabric that is permeable to water while effectively keeping out dirt and light. The tension covers are made with an overlap and a reinforced hem with eyelets, making them easy and secure to stretch over the silo. Access to the silo is possible through a manhole, which can be optionally installed.

Genap’s tensioned covers are suitable for use in silos of various diameters, for both indoor and outdoor applications. For indoor use, the tensioned cover is available for virtually any diameter, while for outdoor use, the cover is warranted for silos up to a diameter of 7 meters.

Genap offers perfect solutions to enhance your water storage system and ensures your stored water remains clean and of high quality, regardless of the circumstances. In addition to the tensioned cover, an anti-algae floating cover or a Silofloat can also be chosen.

  • Maximum reduction of algae growth, wave formation and evaporation
  • No contamination due to algae growth or from dirt, such as leaves, sand, or twigs blowing in
  • Maximum reduction of algae growth, wave action and evaporation


Extra information

Technical data

  • Material: Genatex® 700 strap fabric
  • Outdoor use: warranteed for silos up to Ø 7m, other sizes available
  • Indoor use: warranteed for all silo sizes
  • Complete delivery including installation materials


  • Central reinforcement in the cover (e.g., supported by anchoring post)
  • Using a fully watertight membrane instead of a woven fabric
Myriam van Elten
Your horticulture specialist
Myriam van Elten
Sales representative Horticulture Europe