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The GenaDome is an advanced cover that completely seals off the water silo. It effectively prevents evaporation, algae growth, and contamination of the stored water, thereby consistently maintaining the water’s quality.

The GenaDome cover is comprised of a durable lightweight aluminum frame, which is covered with a high-quality plastic geomembrane. This membrane is reinforced with fabric, making the membrane construction exceptionally strong. Additionally, the GenaDome is highly resistant to various weather conditions, including high UV exposure and temperature fluctuations.

Construction of the GenaDome

Genap employs innovative assembly techniques, using a truck-mounted crane to place the lightweight frame onto the silo in one piece. This allows for the GenaDome to be quickly installed and with minimal manpower, on both new and existing silos. The frame is firmly supported by a central column, while the roof structure is attached and tensioned around the silo wall with straps. Standard delivery of the GenaDome includes a manhole for easy access to the silo.

  • Durable, lightweight frame
  • Fully seals the silo
  • Affordable covering system
Factsheet Genadome

Extra information

Technical data

  • Lightweight aluminium roof construction
  • Reinforced PVC plastic geomembrane (920 g/m²) with high UV resistance
  • Span up to 14.57 metres in diameter (larger dimensions on request)
  • The roof structure is supported by a central column
  • Fitted with one manhole as standard, so there is always access
    to the water
  • All-round tensioning with tensioning straps and stainless steel
    ratchet buckles
  • Maximum snow capacity 20 kg/m²


  • Colour options: grey and green
  • Water level indicator connected through the roof structure
Myriam van Elten
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Myriam van Elten
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