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Semi-closed Genafloat®

The Genafloat® from Genap is an innovative, floating cover for water reservoirs. Our Genafloat® is specifically designed to combine durability with effective protection against algae growth, evaporation, and wave action. This water covering system maximises the storage capacity of the water reservoir while maintaining water quality.

Application of the semi-closed Genafloat®

The semi-enclosed Genafloat® is made from a double-sided coated, open-weave fabric and conforms to the shape of the bottom of the reservoir. The Genafloat® is available in both open and semi-closed versions. For new construction projects, the semi-closed system is often preferred; this system offers extra protection against leaf debris by attaching to the slope.

Genap’s semi-closed Genafloat® not only provides effective protection against various forms of pollution but also contributes to the preservation of water quality. This makes it an ideal choice for modern water storage systems in the horticulture sector. This cover is also available with an anchoring system for floating solar panels.

  • Maximising water capacity utilisation
  • Preserving water quality
  • Provides additional protection against leaf litter


Factsheet Genafloat

Extra information

Technical data

  • Cover: Genatex® PE 300
  • EPS foam floaters for increased buoyancy


  • Fixed with elastic cords to either the crown or the outside of the dike
  • Water inlet hoses with bank protection
Ron van Wieringen
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Ron van Wieringen
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