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The Water Storage Company

From compact water silos for daily irrigation water needs to large reservoirs for rainwater collection, each water storage solution is perfectly tailored to a grower's plans. With development, production and installation all under one roof, Genap ensures speed and efficiency. Moreover, our KIWA and HortiQ certifications guarantee the highest quality of membrane materials, making every product a step towards a worry-free expansion of a sustainable business.

Optimise water management for sustainable growth

Efficient water management is crucial in greenhouse horticulture. With Genap’s advanced water storage solutions, not only is the harvest improved, but costs are cut as well. By maximising rainwater collection, sustainable growth is promoted while minimising the use of precious tap or groundwater during dry spells. Furthermore, Genap’s systems are designed to optimally maintain the quality and quantity of water, resulting in lower irrigation expenses.

New technologies for enhanced efficiency

Preventing algae growth and generating energy at the same time is possible with our Sun-on-Water reservoir concept. This way, you make truly efficient use of space and save on energy costs. Algae growth, evaporation, pollution, and wave action limit water availability. However, our innovative covers for water silos and reservoirs provide an effective solution. Lastly, Genap’s ingenious accessories make work easier, faster, and safer for growers, with each Genap product designed to optimise the cultivation process.

Genap’s international dealer network

Genap exclusively supplies its horticultural products through an international dealer network. With local representation around the world, we’re able to respond more effectively and quickly to market needs, leading to enhanced service and customer satisfaction. These partnerships highlight our commitment to quality and innovation, and are crucial for sustainable growth.

Are you a grower or another end-user interested in our products? We invite you to get in touch with us. We will then connect you with a dealer in your area. Alternatively, you can have your own dealer or installer reach out to us.

Simon Jones
Your Horticulture specialist
Simon Jones
Sales Manager Horticulture Export