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The solution to daily challenges in agriculture

Farmers face significant daily challenges regarding slurry storage. Strict regulations for storing and covering slurry and when it can be spread, a changing climate with either a lot of rain or drought, and high operational costs.

Discover affordable slurry storage options

Genap has the solution for a (future) shortage of slurry storage. Our slurry silos and reservoirs are available in multiple sizes. So, even with limited space on the farm, there is a suitable slurry storage system. These are not only very affordable, but they also last a long time. And with a floating cover or tensioned cover, they prevent odour emissions. Genap’s slurry storage products are durable, space-efficient, and affordable.

View our product overview for slurry storage

Agricultural water storage

Today’s climate challenges, marked by extreme rainfall, soaring temperatures, and severe droughts, profoundly affect farming practices. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to manage water smartly, including efficient water capture and storage. Furthermore reducing agricultural runoff, segregating fresh rainwater and rinse water from contaminated sources can significantly enhance the availability of clean water. Genap offers efficient and eco-friendly solutions for the storage and separation of clean and polluted water.

Genap’s European network

Genap delivers its products in agriculture through a European dealer network. Local representation allows us to better and more quickly respond to market needs, leading to better service and customer satisfaction. These partnerships underscore our commitment to quality and innovation and are crucial for sustainable growth.

Are you a farmer or another end user interested in our products? We invite you to get in touch with us. We will help you directly or connect you with a dealer in your area. Alternatively, you can have your own dealer or installer reach out to us.

Bert Gijsbers
Your Agriculture specialist
Bert Gijsbers
Sales Manager Agriculture Europa