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Pillow tank

Genap’s pillow tanks are designed as a quick, flexible solution for both temporary and permanent water storage needs. Only a flat surface is required for installation, making it an ideal option for rapidly creating additional water storage, a critical requirement during periods of increasing drought.

After use, the pillow tanks can be easily moved or stored, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution. The fully enclosed design of the pillow tanks not only minimises the risk of bacterial contamination, pollution, and evaporation but also ensures safe storage throughout their lifespan. Genap’s pillow tanks serve as a reliable ally in ensuring water availability and quality under varying climate conditions. Standard capacities range from 1 m³ to 500 m³, with larger volumes available upon request.

  • Maximum utilisation of storage capacity
  • Sustainable; lifespan of up to 15 years
  • Simple to move and store


Extra information

Technical data

  • Custom-made; available in all shapes and sizes
  • Material tailored to the application, including certified foils for drinking water for example
  • Standard equipped with an inlet and outlet, a pressure relief valve and/or an overflow
Ron van Wieringen
Your horticulture specialist
Ron van Wieringen
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