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Water silo

Genap’s water silo systems have earned a worldwide reputation for their excellence and affordability in storing vast amounts of water. Designed to be modular, they offer storage capacities that range from 5 to 2,000 cubic metres and boast the significant advantage of requiring only manpower for assembly. This means there’s no need for construction cranes or heavy machinery. To enhance the system, we provide custom-fit silo linings and covers. Not only are these silos simpler to set up compared to traditional water reservoirs, but they also serve efficiently for in-greenhouse use, managing the day’s water supply with ease.

Constructing the water silo

The corrugated panels that make up the silo come in lengths of 2.24 and 3.05 metres. These panels are galvanized as standard. Optionally, an extra coating can be applied to both sides of the panels, which extends both the lifespan and the warranty period of the silo. The available liner materials are suitable for all types of water, including wastewater, recirculated water, and drinking water.

Covers for water silos

To effectively combat algae growth and evaporation, Genap offers an extensive range of water cover systems including an anti-algae tensioned cover, an anti-algae floating cover, the Silofloat, the Genadome, and even the fully enclosed GenaFlexstore®. Additionally, Genap has developed liner materials specifically suited for water storage in areas with extreme climatic conditions, such as high UV exposure, intense heat, and cold.

  • A modular system that can be assembled without the need for a crane
  • High stability and mechanical resistance
  • Suitable for all types of water


Factsheet Water silo

Extra information

Technical data

  • Corrugated galvanized steel panels (thickness 0.8 mm – 1.85 mm)
  • Panel lengths: 3.05 / 2.24 metres
  • Silo diametres: 1.34 – 30.90 metres (short panels) / 1.82 – 30.95 metres (long panels)
  • Steel grades (minimum): S280 / S350 (DIN-EN 10147)
  • CE certified
  • Includes static calculation
  • Warranty (diminishing): 10 years (coated), 7 years (galvanized)


Myriam van Elten
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Myriam van Elten
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