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Genap provides support for growing crops such as lettuce on water in greenhouses with innovative ponds. These easy-to-install ponds offer an optimal environment for the growth of lettuce, from seedling to crop, without the need for solid soil or substrate.

Installation of hydroponics

To create an optimal growth environment, installation begins with a protective geotextile at the bottom of the tray, followed by the waterproof geomembrane. Side outlets are used for water supply, while drain outlets at the bottom allow for efficient dewatering. To ensure stability and durability, stainless steel strips are used to secure the membrane construction firmly around the container.

Genap’s sophisticated ponds provide a reliable and efficient solution for optimal crop cultivation on water, enabling growers to create perfect conditions for the healthy growth and development of crops.

  • Easy-to-install
  • Hygienic crops
  • Cost-efficient
Ron van Wieringen
Your horticulture specialist
Ron van Wieringen
Sales representative Horticulture Export