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Membrane materials

17 April 2024
Aquatex liners voor wateropslagsystemen

Liners for water silos and reservoirs

The quality and thus the longevity of a water silo or reservoir directly depends on the choice of lining material. The selection is guided by factors such as climate and type of storage. Genap offers a wide range of membranes and protective materials, perfectly tailored to suit a variety of conditions.

Genatex® and Aquatex®: Prime materials for every project

Genap is synonymous with quality. This is evident in our membranes and fabrics. With our labels Genatex® and Aquatex® we provide solutions for every need.

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Genatex® 250

To protect the liner from sharp elements in the walls or bottom of the reservoir or silo, we use a PP non-woven felt weighing 250 g/m². This material combines low weight with high puncture resistance, optimally protecting the liner.

Genatex® 700

For slope protection in a water reservoir, a UV-resistant PP tape fabric in black is used. The material is permeable to wind and water but largely blocks harmful sunlight. The fabric weighs approximately 200 g/m² and is also used in anti-algae tensioned covers.

Genatex® 900 Plus

The Genatex® 900 Plus is a reinforced PVC membrane with a density of 900 gr/m². This material features an additional UV stabilisation in the coating layer, which enhances its durability under sunlight exposure. The core of the membrane is composed of a PES weave, providing the necessary strength and stability. Due to this combination of properties, the material is exceptionally suited for applications where it is subjected to mechanical stress and exposed to extreme climatic conditions. Examples of its uses include the GenaFlexstore® and floating covers for water reservoirs.


Aquatex® membrane are designed for sealing purposes, enabling water storage in a reservoir or silo. Our products vary in material type, each with unique properties for specific applications, as detailed in our comparison table. Key features such as UV and temperature resistance, thicknesses, weights, and chemical resistance are concisely summarized in a table for easy reference.

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Genap: Your Water Storage Specialist

Years of experience have honed Genap’s understanding of membrane materials into an unrivaled expertise. This goes beyond just sourcing the best materials – it means having a trusted partner by your side who understands how to apply them effectively. Benefit from our experience and gain access to tailored advice and comprehensive technical support.

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