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Genap’s GenaFlexstore® represents a revolutionary advancement in water storage technology, combining liner and cover in a patented, seamless solution. This cutting-edge system virtually negates any external impact on water quality, ensuring the integrity of the stored water is maintained at its highest level. With its integrated design, the system dramatically reduces water loss through evaporation, optimising the use of the silo’s full capacity.

Use of the GenaFlexstore®

Unlike traditional systems, issues such as algae growth, wave action, evaporation, and wind-borne debris are things of the past with the GenaFlexstore®. It excels in its suitability for use in areas prone to rain and storms. The meticulously designed drainage system ensures that rainwater and debris accumulating on the cover are neatly channeled away through a wall drain. Moreover, the design of the GenaFlexstore® ensures that the cover does not extend beyond the edge of the silo. This significantly reduces the system’s susceptibility to wind in contrast to other cover systems which can be adversely affected by strong wind conditions.

The GenaFlexstore® is crafted from a flexible and highly UV-resistant reinforced PVC membrane for both the walls and cover. The base lining is made from a geomembrane that is tailored to the application. The GenaFlexstore® is versatile, suitable for storing all types of liquids, including chlorinated water, potable water and liquid fertiliser.

  • Maximum utilization of the water storage capacity
  • Entirely closed system that prevents external influences
  • Suitable for storing all different types of water


Fact sheet GenaFlexstore®

Extra information

Technical data

  • Fully sealed water storage solution suitable for all kinds of silos.
  • Available up to Ø31 metres; height up to 5 metres
  • Inlet and outlet connections prefabricated through the base
  • Fitted with breathers to discharge trapped air
  • Provision for overfill and overpressure protection
  • Relatively fast installation due to simple construction
  • Rainwater and dirt that collects on the cover is discharged through
    a sidewall drain outlet
  • Suitable for both new and existing silos


  • Choice of various synthetic materials tailored to the application
Ron van Wieringen
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Ron van Wieringen
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