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Accessories for water silos

Genap offers an extensive range of accessories for water silos. These products complete the water silo and provide additional functionality, convenience, and safety.

Outlets for water silos

For the supply and discharge of water in the tank, Genap offers various types of outlets. Each solution is suitable for all types of membrane

Types of outlets

  • Mechanical wall outlet
  • Conical wall outlet
  • Conical bottom outlet
  • Flat bottom drain outlet
  • Mechanical bottom outlet

Genap silo- and cage ladders

The Genap silo- and cage ladders are a robust system for safe inspection of the contents of a water silo. A major advantage of this ladder is that the mounting brackets can be attached without altering or loosening the existing silo bolts. This avoids entering the tank or partially removing the lining.

Water level indicator

This simple yet highly effective system ensures that the water level is always visible, even when the silo is covered. A float inside the silo is connected by a cord and through pulleys to an indicator in a transparent tube on the outside of the silo.


Myriam van Elten
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Myriam van Elten
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