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 Anti-algae cover systems

In horticulture, water serves as the vital lifeblood that nourishes crops and stimulates growth. External factors like algae growth, dirt, sand, and leaves can pollute this critical resource, leading to clogged filters, damaged systems, and compromised crops. Hence, covering water storage facilities is essential.

Genap’s algae-proof covers block direct sunlight, significantly reducing the chance of algae formation. They also keep leaves, sand, and other debris out of the water. Moreover, these covers minimize water loss due to evaporation and wave action, common issues during warm or stormy seasons.

For every season and climate, we provide suitable covers for both water silos and reservoirs. Opt for cleaner water, more efficient systems, and healthier crops with our tensioned covers and floating covers.

Your horticultural specialist
Roger Vos
Sales Manager Horticulture Benelux