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Accessories for water reservoirs

Genap has an extensive range of accessories for water reservoirs. These products complete the water reservoir and provide additional functionality, convenience and safety.

Outlets for reservoirs

When inlet or outlet pipes are attached through the wall of the reservoir, they are sealed watertight to the lining with the use of a conical fitting. This system is also available for bottom fittings.

Water inlet hose

The water inlet hose ensures controlled water supply to the reservoir. Water is directed below the surface through a flexible sleeve connected to the end of the supply pipe. The sleeve is weighted down with a gravel bag to prevent it from blowing away.

Bank reinforcement

Inlet hoses are often installed side by side. The strong force of the water can damage the slope protection. For a longer lifespan, we recommend adding an extra protective layer of reinforced film beneath the inlet pipes.

Walk-out safety mat

When a person or animal falls into a reservoir, they may struggle to get out due to the often steep embankment. A safety mat allows for an easy climb back to the edge of the embankment. This exit feature consists of a rubber mat that is hung from the top or outside of the embankment into the reservoir and is anchored into the embankment (or secured with straps to the ground level).

Myriam van Elten
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Myriam van Elten
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