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Tensioned cover for water reservoirs

In addition to the open or semi-enclosed Genafloat, Genap also offers a tensioned cover for narrow water reservoirs, perfect up to 23 metres in width. This unique cover fully encloses the reservoir and is made from a water-permeable, anti-algae, and dirt-repellent material. The tension cover remains securely in place thanks to support and tension straps, anchored by hardwood poles in the embankment.*

Construction of the tensioned cover

The tensioned cover is made from black HDPE open woven fabric, known as Genatex® 700, a high-quality open woven fabric that lets through water but stops dirt and light. The tensioned cover is attached to the sides using straps and a reinforced edge all around the cover. The cover is attached to poles on the outer banks of the water reservoir using ratchet straps. The cover is fully tensioned over the lagoon, resulting in complete coverage. To prevent the cover from sagging, it rests on support straps that are stretched across the reservoir. The cover is tensioned using a guide strap with ratchet buckles, attached to an anchoring pole* at the outer banks of the reservoir.

* not included when product is purchased

  • Complete coverage
  • Compact transport volume
  • Easy installation without the need for special tools


Extra information

Technical data

  • Suitable for both straight and sloping basins up to 23 metres wide
  • Dimensions up to 2,000 m² from a single piece possible
  • Delivery includes installation materials and technical manual
  • Water-permeable
  • little maintenance required
  • High UV-resistance
Myriam van Elten
Your horticulture specialist
Myriam van Elten
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