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We believe in the power of doing

In today’s world, Genap plays a practical role in supporting our customers’ ambitions. Focused on directly applicable solutions, we work together to address issues in water, food, mobility, energy, and the environment.

Genap’s global reach spans almost every continent, with local branches and production sites that bring us closer to our customers. This strategic distribution reduces transportation, enhances our market knowledge, and improves our understanding of local conditions.




Every day, farmers face significant challenges. Strict regulations, changing climate, and high operational costs. Genap’s slurry storage systems aid farmers in sustainable business practices.

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From compact water silos for daily irrigation water needs to large reservoirs for rainwater collection, each water storage solution is perfectly tailored to a grower’s plans.

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Civil Engineering

In the dynamic world of Civil Engineering projects, where precision and durability are crucial, Genap is known as the specialist in creating 100% waterproof constructions with high-quality geomembranes.

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Our locations

Genap’s global reach spans almost every continent, with local branches and production sites that bring us closer to our customers. This strategic distribution reduces transportation, enhances our market knowledge, and improves our understanding of local conditions.

Thus, we not only guarantee a smaller ecological footprint but also provide customized solutions that perfectly meet specific needs and challenges.

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Our core values


Loyalty Builds Success. For over 70 years, we’ve thrived on fostering strong collaborations – with employees, customers, suppliers, and knowledge partners. Each link matters. Together, we craft innovative solutions that make a real difference. Loyalty is the cornerstone of our company, the foundation upon which Genap has built its success.

Simply Good

Simply Good: It’s not just what we make, it’s who we are. Quality products, reliable service, and a commitment to keeping our word – that’s simply the way we do business.


We believe collaboration unlocks potential. By tackling challenges and growing together, we achieve more, both internally and with our customers, suppliers and knowledge partners. It’s powerful, efficient, and frankly, more enjoyable!”


For an optimal customer experience, good accessibility is crucial. That’s why we believe in local representation and will continue to open production facilities beyond our national borders in the future. This way, we can help our customers faster, and our solutions remain economically accessible to everyone.

"We only know the worth of water when the well is dry"

Benjamin Franklin

Social projects

As “The Global Water Storage Company”, we understand the importance of water like no other. Unfortunately, access to clean drinking or irrigation water is not a given everywhere. That’s why we believe it is our duty to apply our knowledge and expertise to projects that contribute to the availability of water in developing countries.

Our Kenyan branch, Maji, is connected to WaterStarters, an initiative that assists the Kenyan population in addressing water scarcity.

In collaboration with Oxfam, UNHCR, and BORDA, Genap developed and installed two fully enclosed sanitation basins in a refugee camp in Bangladesh to prevent diseases and epidemics.

In Tanzania, Genap supplied water reservoirs to the Karibu Foundation, which installed them in the village of Saja. Thanks to these reservoirs, elementary school students no longer have to walk four kilometers every day to fill their buckets with water.

Quality and sustainability


Our geomembrane structures are produced according to the strictest quality standards, and we continuously strive for improvements. The quality control of our geomembrane materials and weld connections is conducted in our own laboratory, equipped with a conditioned space for, among other tests, tensile and peeling tests, which are performed according to prescribed standards. Kiwa conducts an annual assessment at Genap to determine if we still meet the guidelines for the certificates we have obtained.


We are acutely aware that the materials we use can have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to minimize this impact as much as possible. Firstly, we do this by only using materials that have a long lifespan, thereby reducing the environmental impact over the product’s entire life cycle. Furthermore, we go a step further by actively contributing to projects in the field of renewable energy, such as Solar@Sea and solar parks on landfills, and the development of floating greenhouses for hydroponic food production.


For Genap, it is crucial to work closely with supply chain partners. Genap focuses on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers. Together, we offer a complete solution for the market. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition and benefit from each other’s knowledge, with the aim of providing the best service to all users of our products and services.

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Genap throughout the years

Working at Genap

At Genap, there’s room for individuals with diverse backgrounds, education and career paths because we manage the complete cycle, from design to production and installation of our solutions.

A career at Genap is full of challenge. Not only will you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with a wide range of products and international markets. You can, also, contribute to meeting the growing global demand for our innovative solutions.

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