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Accessories for water storage

Genap supplies a variety of accessories for both water silos and water reservoirs. These products make the water storage systems safer and more user-friendly.

Accessories for water silos

Genap provides a range of accessories for water silos. Various in- and outlets ensure optimal water inflow and outflow. Other products significantly simplify the management of the water silo: the level indicator offers visual information about the water level inside the silo. The sturdy silo ladder enables safe access to the silo for inspection and maintenance.

Accessories for water reservoirs

For water reservoirs, Genap offers various in- and outlets for the inflow and outflow of water. When inlets are not used, water is typically supplied over the embankment edge, which can damage the slope protection and water cover systems. To prevent this, Genap has developed special water inlet hoses. Another option for extra protection of the slope against the force of water is to install reinforced foil slope reinforcement under the inlet pipes. An accessory for increased safety for humans and animals is the escape provision for water reservoirs in the form of a safety mat. This safety mat is hung along the slope into the reservoir and can be used to climb out of the reservoir.

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Simon Jones
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