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Anchoring for floating solar panels

Growers worldwide face the challenge of finding creative solutions for efficient energy generation in limited available space. Genap, in collaboration with ZonopWaterbassin, developed an innovative concept of floating solar panels that can be installed on water reservoirs (based on our semi-enclosed Genafloat® system) thanks to an integrated anchoring system. This ensures that the solar island is stable and securely attached while also covering the water.


  • Dual utilisation of the surface area: water storage and electricity generation.
  • Solid, integrated Genap anchoring system
  • A new embankment liner as part of the anchoring system
  • Separate anti-algae cover no longer needed
  • The entire system eliminates water evaporation and algae formation
  • Also suitable for installation in a full water reservoir
  • Maximum yield thanks to the high-efficiency solar panels

Extra information

Technical data

Reliable partners

  • Top experts collaborate to provide an all-in-one solution
  • Your project partner from A to Z, including the construction of entirely new reservoirs
  • ‘The Water Storage Company’ – over 70 years of knowledge and experience in water storage

Application of the best materials and technology

  • High-efficiency panels and inverters
  • HDPE floaters with drinking water certification
  • Unique design; safe and insurable

High yield per area

  • Lowest Watt peak price, so shortest payback time
  • Modular design allows customization
  • Cooling effect of the water ensures more than +10%

Unique anchor system

  • Can also be installed in a full water reservoir
  • Integrated into the reservoir, covers the water to the maximum
  • Proven system preventing algae growth and evaporation
Chrétien Hendriks
Your horticulture specialist
Chrétien Hendriks
Business Development Manager