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Floating cover for water silos

During the storage period, the risk of water contamination through algae growth is a serious concern, as this can lead to blocked irrigation systems and reduced water quality. Genap has developed various effective water cover systems to combat algae and prevent the evaporation of stored water.

The application of a floating cover

Genap’s high-quality floating covers are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor silo settings and are made from Genatex 700. This special open woven fabric allows water to pass through while ensuring the water storage remains clean and safe. Suitable for water silos ranging in diameter from 1.85 to an impressive 30.95 meters, these floating covers feature a reinforced edge with eyelets (centre to centre 50 cm) and a securing cord. To achieve the necessary buoyancy, it is essential to install a PVC pipe frame around the cover. This frame is not included but can be easily constructed from standard PVC pipe.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Cost-effective alternative to the SiloFloat®
  • Permeable, so no accumulation of rainwater

Extra information

Technical data

  • Material: Genatex® 700.
  • Suitable for silos from 1.85 to 30.95 metres in diameter.
  • Equipped with a reinforced edge with eyelets (centre to centre 50 cm) and a securing cord.
Ron van Wieringen
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Ron van Wieringen
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