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Geomembranes for civil engineering

In the dynamic world of Civil Engineering projects, where precision and sustainability are crucial, Genap is recognized as the specialist in creating 100% waterproof constructions with high-quality geomembranes. Our expertise focuses on effectively containing or blocking fluids, ranging from clean to contaminated water, including challenging substances like bentonite water, process water, and leachate. Also, sealing landfills and providing anti-leakage geomembranes under oil storage tanks are among our core activities.

Our unique methodology for submerging geomembrane constructions, developed and refined since the 1980s, underscores our commitment to innovation and quality. This, combined with our more than 70 years of experience, affirms our status as a reliable partner for complex civil engineering projects. Our expertise is underscored by the BRLK537 process certification and BRLK538 PE material certification, which we proudly hold.

Excelling in every step

Genap is committed to excellence in every phase of the project. Our staff acts as expert interlocutors for engineering firms, contractors, or other stakeholders, while our technical draftsmen, with their extensive knowledge, ensure seamless designs and construction plans. This is all documented in a detailed quality execution plan, including ISO and VCA standards, to ensure clarity, certainty, and safety throughout the entire project.

The selection of materials and welding methods is crucial for civil engineering projects, given the required lifespan and absolute water tightness. Our team of experts ensures that we always choose the most suitable materials for the specific conditions of your project. We guarantee quality by testing all welds in our own laboratory and having the lifespan of the used materials verified by an external and independent party.

On-site, the focus on quality continues unabated. The presence of a Genap technician during the unloading of materials at the site ensures correct storage and management of the rolls, each accompanied by its own roll certificate BRL538. These certificates are included in the quality revision plan, which documents the actual execution of the project, which is essential for future maintenance or repair work. With Genap, you choose a partner that prioritises reliability, expertise, and sustainability in the realisation of your civil engineering projects.

Mark Visser
Your civil engineering specialist
Mark Visser
Sales Manager Civil projects