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Cooperation with Rotterdam Zoo

6 May 2024

Sometimes we get the opportunity to participate in truly unique projects, and this was definitely one of them! Recently, we were given the special task by Rotterdam Zoo Blijdorp to design and produce special mobile basins for transporting four arapaimas, each an impressive 250 cm long. These fish are among the largest freshwater fish in the world!

For our team, led by Roger Vos who visited the animals in their habitat during a work trip, it was an exciting challenge that we tackled with great enthusiasm and craftsmanship. Although it was relatively easy for us to manufacture these mobile basins, it was a complex job for the zoo. Everything went perfectly, and these remarkable predators are now peacefully swimming around in their new home at Duisburg Zoo.

We are incredibly proud and honored to have been involved in this remarkable project. For Genap, these are the cherries on top! Read the full report on this special transport.

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Roger Vos
Sales Manager Horticulture Benelux