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Sustainable water supply on golf courses

1 May 2024

The increasing drought and extraction bans are forcing golf courses to consider strategies to ensure sufficient water supply for maintaining greens. An innovative solution is the construction of large water reservoirs.

Extraction ban

In an era where water supply is often taken for granted, it becomes crucial to consider water storage solutions, especially for golf courses that have previously faced issues due to extraction bans. Existing ponds often provide insufficient water, while tap water is too expensive and contains high levels of chlorine, which is detrimental to the grass on the greens. A reservoir filled during rainy periods ensures that there is enough water available for irrigation during dry times.

Expert partners

Genap, in close collaboration with contractor Van Nieuwkoop, has realized a pioneering project in the Netherlands using durable PE membrane with a lifespan of at least twenty years. This membrane is UV-resistant and easy to install. As a Kiwa-certified company, Genap possesses comprehensive in-house expertise, including its own laboratory and design office, focusing on preparation in production to minimise fieldwork. The collaboration with Van Nieuwkoop, a contractor with extensive experience in constructing water reservoirs, guarantees professional execution.

Organic water reservoirs

The challenge in constructing water reservoirs on golf courses lies in adapting to the organic shapes typical of these terrains, unlike the usual rectangular reservoirs found in agriculture and horticulture. Genap and Van Nieuwkoop have overcome this challenge by camouflaging the rectangular reservoir with plantings on the slopes, allowing it to blend beautifully and harmoniously with the surroundings.

Using a closed soil balance in the construction of a reservoir, where excavated soil is reused, is standard practice. However, on golf courses, this often requires significant decisions to find a suitable location for a reservoir ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 square meters. With advanced technology, such as GPS and 3D drawings, plans are made in advance to integrate the reservoir beautifully, playfully, and unobtrusively into the golf course landscape.

The longstanding collaboration between Van Nieuwkoop and Genap, based on mutual expertise, now benefits golf courses seeking to arm themselves against the effects of prolonged drought periods.