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Bejo Zaden BV | Kaweczyn, Poland

Reservoir with a semi-closed Genafloat®

Genap has completed a reservoir in Poland for Bejo Zaden BV, equipped with a semi-closed Genafloat system of 2,000 m³. Genap’s Genafloat® is an advanced, floating cover system for water reservoirs, designed to combine sustainability with effective protection against algae growth, evaporation, and wave action. The application of this system not only maximizes the storage capacity of the water reservoir but also maintains water quality.

Thanks to an excellent collaboration with our dealer Tanake, the installation was smooth and hassle-free. In these so-called semi-closed reservoirs, the cover is attached to the slope with elastics, preventing sunlight from penetrating and thereby virtually eliminating algae growth. This reservoir is part of a larger project aimed at capturing rainwater for the cultivation of new cucumber varieties.