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Dalsem turnkey greenhouse projects | Texas, United States

Installation of 32 hydroponics

Dalsem Greenhouse Construction has completed a state-of-the-art greenhouse in Texas, USA, spanning 10 hectares, specifically tailored for the hydroponic cultivation of leafy greens. Genap has contributed to this project by supplying 32 ponds measuring 200 x 12 meters. Our skilled technicians equip the greenhouse segments with felt, membrane, and drainage systems, using nearly 85,000 m² of Aquatex® EX membrane and an equal amount of felt. The installation was conducted smoothly and efficiently, enabling harvest within the same year.

The adaptable cultivation method allows for the year-round cultivation of lettuce, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality leafy greens and excellent reliability in deliveries. Furthermore, cultivating leafy greens through a hydroponic system in ponds offers numerous benefits, including hygiene, water conservation, and the prevention of leaching of chemicals and fertilizers. Rainwater, which can be collected from a Genap reservoir, is deemed the ideal choice for hydroponic crops.