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Wopereis Steel Construction | Turkey, England, Bulgaria

Genatop explosion covers on Lipp silos

For Wopereis Staalbouw, Genap has installed a total of 7 silo covers at various locations. The Genatop silo cover has a diameter of 25 meters and is made of high-quality, reinforced membrane.

For instance, in Turkey, 2 silo covers were placed on Lipp silos about 30 meters high at Kronospan, a leading producer of wood panels. Additionally, 2 silo covers were installed on silos in Chirk, England, and 3 on silos in Bulgaria.

These silos are used for the storage of wood chips, which often results in significant dust development and a potential risk of explosions. Hence, these covers are referred to as explosion covers. Thanks to the specific construction of the covers, they can detach in the event of an explosion, keeping the silo intact and minimizing any damage.