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Silo cover with supporting structure

The Genatop is a silo cap supported by a steel structure, commonly utilised in the industrial sector and at Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs), particularly where the covering membrane needs to exhibit resistance to aggressive substances like sulphuric acid. This fully enclosed covering prevents odour nuisances to neighbors and safeguards workers from exposure to H2S gas.

The selection of the membrane for these coverings is contingent upon the area of application and the substance being stored. The material is invariably a flexible, fabric-reinforced, and readily workable membrane tailored to the specific requirement. Additionally, the Genatop boasts sustainability.

Versions of the Genatop

The cover can be installed on both new and existing silos, with options for both fixed and rotating designs. It is suitable for any type of tank, regardless of size or shape (round, square, or rectangular), and can even be made to rotate. The cover construction allows for integration with other steel structures, such as platforms and bridges. The underlying support structure made of stainless steel 316 ensures a highly stable, self-supporting unit that retains its function even in extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, the Genatop is available in a steep, tall design, specifically tailored for storage silos with top-entry fiber inlets, with or without an explosion-proof feature where the Genatop disengages in the event of a dust explosion.

Special attention is given to our Genatop, standing just 1.5 meters tall. This Bundt cake-shaped cover is unique and was specially developed by Genap for wastewater treatment plants. Its minimal height makes the structure less conspicuous in the landscape, simplifying the application process for a construction permit.

Application areas of the Genatop

  • Biogas storage
  • WWTPs
  • Woodchip storage
  • Industry
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