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KWS Infra | Gieten, The Netherlands

Bottom seals at N33 crossing

At the request of KWS Infra, Genap provided the grade-separated junction between the N33 and N34 near Gieten with a waterproof geomembrane construction for groundwater protection. For this project, Genap manufactured large prefabricated PVC-P 1 mm (Kiwa/ATA) membranes, which were installed on-site in just a few hours using two cranes.

After the PVC-P geomembrane was applied, the slopes were equipped with drainage fleece and geogrid, supplied by Colbond, to ensure the stability of the steep slopes. In total, 36 membranes were installed over 36 days, covering a total area of 60,000 m².

"The collaboration with Genap was very constructive and pleasant. Genap thoroughly involved us in their design, production, and execution processes and consistently fulfilled their agreements."

Frank Popma, Bedrijfsleider KWS Infra bv