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Slurry reservoir

A geomembrane slurry reservoir is perfectly suited for the storage of vast amounts of slurry, digestate, sludge, or run-off water. Compared to slurry silos, the reservoir offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of size and shape, making it an excellent fit for agricultural landscapes. Opting for a geomembrane reservoir provides a cost-effective and sustainable method for slurry management. Genap relies solely on geomembranes certified by Kiwa, ensuring the longevity of the slurry reservoir.

Constructing a slurry reservoir

Tailoring a slurry reservoir to specific needs is standard practice. Soil removed during excavation is repurposed to construct the slopes surrounding the reservoir. The infrastructure for the discharge system extends from the reservoir to the slope’s exterior. This setup is then covered with a superior geomembrane, resistant to slurry’s corrosive properties, ensuring a leak-proof seal for safe storage.

Covering a slurry reservoir

Legal mandates in various countries, including the Netherlands, require slurry reservoirs to be covered. Genap’s floating covers for slurry reservoirs are acknowledged for their ability to reduce emissions. By introducing slurry between the base mat and the floating cover, a completely enclosed system is formed. Any accumulating rainwater is efficiently removed via pumping, potentially increasing usable capacity by about 30% depending on annual precipitation. Genap stands out in the industry for its capability to cover already filled slurry reservoirs of any size with a floating cover, employing specialized floats for the task.

Factsheet Slurry reservoir

Extra information

Technical data

  • Base liner: PVC, HDPE, PE or PP (KIWA certified) geomembrane
  • Top cover (optional): made from reinforced PVC or PE geomembrane
  • Discharge station: ø 250-160 mm
  • Complies with construction technical guidelines for slurry reservoirs (BRM)
  • KOMO-Kiwa certificate K95984/04 in accordance with BRL 2342
  • 10-year decreasing warranty
  • Reference period: 10 years


  • Reservoir mixer with with adjustable stainless steel nozzle
  • Spray heads for mixing (circulating)
  • Mixing hatches allowing external content mixing
  • Filling pipe over the reservoir embankment
  • Return pipe
  • Slope lining to keep embankments weed-free
  • Fencing, 1.8 meters high
  • Discharge station available in various configurations
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