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Hilderstone Farm | Stoke on Trent, UK

Floating cover on slurry reservoir

In a succesful collaboration with an international dealer, Genap supplied and installed floating covers at Hilderstone Farm, located near Stoke on Trent. Crafted from superior Genatex® 900 PVC material, these covers are designated for slurry storage reservoirs.

To streamline the onsite installation process, our production team prefabricated the covers. Spanning a total area of 2450 m², these covers were then welded and installed on-site by our skilled technicians, in close collaboration with the Hilderstone Farm team. The floating covers feature robust floats equipped with integrated degassing vents and ballast bags.

This completely sealed system allows the farmer to efficiently mix and spread slurry without incorporating rainwater. An additional advantage of this cover system is the significant reduction of emissions, positively impacting the environment.