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Mixing and pumping equipment

A comprehensive slurry management system includes effective means for both transporting and mixing slurry. Tailored to each storage solution and cover, we provide specialised slurry mixers, mixing hatches, or submersible pumps. At Genap we work closely with reliable suppliers. In doing so, we ensure that we meet the specific needs of each project.

Slurry mixers

Consistent mixing is crucial for maintaining homogeneous slurry. While outsourcing is an option, internal management offers better control over slurry consistency, enhancing both flexibility and quality. Our product line caters to every storage scenario, featuring from electrically adjustable submersible mixers to potent PTO (Power Take-Off) -driven reservoir mixers, ideal for operations beneath floating covers.

Varieties of slurry mixers:

In-wall slurry silo mixer

The silo mixer can efficiently and thoroughly mix the contents of silos up to 30 metres in diametre. Our silo wall mixers fit seamlessly into silos constructed from steel, concrete, or wood, provided the walls have sufficient strength.

Submersible silo mixers

Designed for comprehensive mixing, our submersible silo mixers attach to a stainless steel guide column, enabling it to move in all directions to mix the slurry thoroughly.

Mixer through the embankment of a slurry reservoir

We install a PTO (Power Take-Off) driven reservoir mixer through the embankment, allowing you to mix the slurry from the outside, without needing to drive a tractor up the slope. To protect the floating cover, the reservoir mixer is housed in a stainless steel frame. The mixer is mounted at the bottom on a concrete slab.

Mixing hatches

The mixing hatch has been designed for installation in floating covers in both new and existing slurry silos and reservoirs. It consists of a foamboard hatch within a floating frame made of PE pipe, operated by a simple rope system. Standard dimensions are 1.5 x 1 metre and 2 x 1.5 metres, but custom sizes are also available. The hatch is commonly used for access by mixers attached to a crane or in conjunction with a submersible mixer.


We provide a selection of pumps for efficiently moving to and from the storage. The choice of a particular pump depends on the slurry characteristics and the specifics of the storage system.

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