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Slurry silo

A slurry silo refers to various types of silos used for storing slurry, digestate, sludge, or other liquids. At Genap, we offer several storage options, such as  the flexible mesh silo and the sturdy concrete silo. Each slurry silo is a reliable and high-quality storage system, backed by a 10-year diminishing warranty.

Choosing the right slurry silo for every situation

The optimal slurry silo depends on several factors, including:

  • location;
  • applicable laws, regulations, and zoning plans;
  • required capacity of the silo;
  • the ability to mix the contents on-site;
  • temporary versus permanent slurry storage;

Mesh silo: flexible and efficient

The mesh silo offers a flexible and efficient solution for additional slurry or clean and wastewater storage. Its thermally galvanized components are interconnected to form a strong, stable wall structure. These silos are quick to install and, if necessary, relocate, making them ideal for temporary storage solutions as well. Usually, there’s no need for a concrete floor or piling, offering an excellent price-quality ratio. Capacity ranges from 194 to 2,418 cubic metres.

Concrete silo: large storage capacity and solidity

A concrete silo allows for the long-term and secure storage of large volumes of slurry. Constructed from high-quality prefabricated concrete elements, it is solid, durable, and low-maintenance. This silo material withstands the chemical composition of slurry and environmental conditions effectively. Standard features include a central filling/discharge pipe, a loading station, and a tension cover. Capacities range from 227 to 5,600 cubic metres.

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