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Biogas floating cover

The biogas floating cover is a buoyant covering system designed for the collection of biogas from digestate. It’s compatible with all types of slurry silos and presents a practical alternative to traditional slurry covering systems. This cover imposes no static demands on the slurry storage system, enabling its application on both new and existing slurry silos.

Developed in collaboration with N·E·ST from Ahaus, Germany, the biogas floating cover offers a unique solution.

How a biogas floating cover works

The biogas floating cover rests on the surface of the substrate and automatically adjusts to the silo’s fill level, preventing the formation of a gas space underneath. A gas extraction system with compression ensures that the released biogas is automatically suctioned and compressed, preventing gas accumulation under the cover and protecting the concrete from corrosive acids. The extracted biogas can be redirected back into the main gas flow for additional revenue, or it can be burned off using a flare system.

Construction of a biogas floating cover

The applied annular float tube has a circumference of slightly less than the inner diameter of the silo. In addition, star-shaped supplementary floats with gas channels serve for gas extraction. The floating cover is stretched over this structure. The construction of the floating cover and the extraction system provide automatic drainage of rainwater. This saves additional costs for pumping away the water separately.

  • Cost-effective alternative to a biogas double-membrane cover
  • Suitable for concrete and steel silos
  • Captures residual gas from digestate

Extra information

Technical data

  • Up to 40 metres in diameter
  • Including floats and gas compressor system
  • Does not impose any structural requirements on the silo
  • Rainwater can be drained
  • No corrosion protection is required for the inner wall of the silo
  • 5 year warranty (diminishing)


  • One or more mixing hatches
  • Colour options: grey and green
Bert Gijsbers
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Bert Gijsbers
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