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Slurry covers

Slurry covers play a vital role in slurry management systems, particularly in regions with regulations requiring manure storage to be covered to lessen agriculture’s environmental footprint. The choice of the right cover depends on various factors, including the type of storage system (e.g., slurry silo or reservoir), dimensions, shape, the nature of the contents stored, prevailing weather conditions, and whether there’s a need for mixing. Genap offers covering solutions for both newly constructed and existing silos and reservoirs.

Obligation to cover slurry storage

In many countries, the obligation to cover slurry storage is a significant component of manure legislation. This requirement mandates that agricultural enterprises properly cover their manure storage. The aim is to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment, thereby minimizing environmental impact. This obligation encourages farmers to adopt advanced manure covering systems, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

Bert Gijsbers
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Bert Gijsbers
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