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Floating cover for slurry reservoirs

Genap offers a durable solution for slurry reservoir coverage with a floating cover crafted from reinforced PVC geomembrane. This material boasts remarkable resistance to slurry’s corrosive properties, extending the lifespan of the cover. It’s essential to pump away rainwater gathered on the cover to prevent undue stress on the material and to possibly enhance the reservoir’s effective volume by as much as 30%, depending on precipitation levels. This approach ensures compliance with the Netherlands’ mandatory covering regulations effective since 2018. Installation of mixing hatches, access ports, and specialised floats for venting gases is conducted on-site during setup.

Replace the floating cover in time

Factors such as UV exposure, climatic conditions, and physical wear may lead to the degradation and eventual tearing of floating covers. Conducting periodic inspections allows for their timely replacement. Although replacing the cover on an empty reservoir is preferred, we are equipped to perform this task on a full reservoir as well. The removal process for an old floating cover also presents an opportunity to inspect and, if necessary, replace the reservoir’s base liner simultaneously. Comprehensive pre-service advice ensures you’re fully informed of the required tasks.

  • Enhances utilization of storage capacity
  • Economically efficient coverage solution
  • Applicable to both current and forthcoming slurry reservoirs

Extra information

Technical data

  • Reinforced PVC or PE geomembrane
  • Anchoring of the cover using a anchor trench at the dike’s crest
  • Degassing drain on the inner slope
  • Degassing cushions integrated into the cover
  • Complies with construction technical guidelines for slurry reservoirs (BRM)
  • 10-year warranty period (decreasing)
  • Reference period of 10 years
  • Komo-Kiwa certificate K96681/02 in accordance with BRL 2342


  • Available in other (Kiwa-certified) geomembranes
  • Offered in green and grey
  • Mixing hatches available in various sizes
  • Installation of a reservoir mixer beneath the floating cover
  • Reservoir mixers with protective cages to prevent the cover from being drawn into the mixer
  • Prefabricated HDPE mix and service hatches in the floating cover
  • Option to place multiple large and small degassing cushions
Roel Roebbers
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Roel Roebbers
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