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Bosman BV | Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Eight open and closed water silos in Ethiopia

Commissioned by C. & J. Bosman, Genap installed various water storage systems in Ethiopia at a new site for greenhouse construction for a renowned Dutch vegetable grower. The project included the installation of 2 open water storage silos and 6 closed water storage silos, known as “GenaFlexstores.” All silos have a diameter of 18 meters and a height of 2.4 meters.

The open silos are used for collecting rainwater, while the fully closed GenaFlexstores are utilized for storing drain water. By using GenaFlexstores as a completely sealed storage system, it prevents algae or external contaminants from affecting the drain water, significantly reducing the need for disinfection. The installation of all silos was carried out with the support of the local population.