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V.O.F. C.A.W. Mijs-Craens | Bladel, The Netherlands

Renovation of a fully enclosed slurry reservoir

In the past, Genap, commissioned by V.O.F. C.A.W. Mijs-Craens in Bladel, constructed a fully enclosed slurry reservoir that has been intensively used for decades.

Recently, both the cover and the slope protection needed replacement. The cover has now been replaced with a KIWA-certified reinforced PVC membrane, and a new gas venting hose has been installed along the crest. For the ballast bags, the floating cover has been equipped with pockets. Additionally, the outer slope has been re-clad with permeable geotextile to prevent weed growth.

Thanks to this renovation, the slurry reservoir fully complies with Dutch slurry legislation once again and can be used for slurry storage for many years to come.