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Primary contractor KWS Infra | Emmen, The Netherlands

Water features at Wildlands Emmen

Genap has been involved in designing, supplying, and installing waterproof geomembrane constructions for various water features in Wildlands Emmen, formerly known as Noorderdierenpark. Following the park’s move from the city center to Noordbargeres, several water features have been created within the park. Genap contributed by delivering and installing high-quality geomembrane constructions to make these water features waterproof.

The geomembrane material used is Fecatex, 1 mm thick, which complies with KIWA-MB standards. To protect the geomembrane constructions, a protective fleece of Genatex NW PP20 was applied both under and over the geomembrane. In total, approximately 30,000 square meters of geomembrane were installed, along with 60,000 square meters of protective fleece.

To seamlessly connect the geomembrane constructions to concrete substrates, Genap embedment profiles were used. The entire process was carried out according to the standards of the KIWA/KOMO certificate, ensuring quality and reliability.