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Feniks Recycling Company BV | Valburg/Ewijk, The Netherlands

Waste incinerator ash sealing A50

Genap, on behalf of Feniks Recycling BV, provided sealing geomembrane constructions for waste-incinerator-ash elevations for various on- and off-ramps at the Ewijk interchange, where the A73 and A50 converge, in accordance with soil protection regulations. The project was executed in multiple phases due to the continuous traffic flow on the existing connection. The use of 2 mm thick HDPE geomembrane with a textured surface, along with drainage mats, ensures stability on the steep slopes. Beacon pockets were welded into the geomembrane construction with special fittings and filled with bentonite powder for a watertight seal, even with future settlements.

In total, the sealing geomembrane constructions included:

  • 25,000 m² protective fleece NW20,
  • 25,000 m² HDPE MST/MSB 2 mm textured geomembrane,
  • 25,000 m² drainage mats.

"The collaboration between Grondbank Nederland and Genap has been successful. From the design phase to the implementation phase, we have worked closely as a team. At Genap, 'a promise is a promise'."

Erik van Roekel, Manager of Grondbank Nederland