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Franki Foundations | Antwerp, Belgium

Mesh silos for bentonite storage

The new Scheldt Tunnel marks the culmination of the Oosterweel Connection, linking the new Sint-Anna junction on the Left Bank with the forthcoming interchange of the Oosterweel junction. The Oosterweel Connection in Antwerp is a major infrastructure project aimed at improving mobility in and around the city. It includes the construction of new tunnels and roads, including the Scheldt Tunnel, to complete the Antwerp Ring (R1) on the north side. The Oosterweel Connection is set to enhance traffic flow and improve the livability of Antwerp.

For several years, Genap has been supplying, installing, and dismantling wire mesh silos at construction sites for Franki Foundations. Bentonite, widely used in construction work at these sites, is stored in Genap’s wire mesh silos. After the project’s completion, the metal frame of the wire mesh silo is carefully dismantled and then reassembled at another project, equipped with a new liner. The wire mesh silo has proven to be a perfect solution for this type of temporary storage: lightweight, robust, and easy to assemble and disassemble.