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Reef Infra BV | Roswinkel, The Netherlands

Membrane sealing of incinerator ash mounds N391

During this infrastructure project, carried out for Reef Infra BV, two mounds needed to be covered with AVI bottom geomembrane. This was part of constructing a grade-separated interchange between the N391 and N379, eliminating the crossing of roads and resulting in smoother traffic flow. Now, the N391 crosses over the N379, facilitating a more fluid movement of traffic.

For the N391 project, AVI bottom ash is being used. Since October 2017, this material has been transported to Roswinkel for the construction of slopes at the N391/N379 intersection. It is residual material from the waste processor Attero in Wijster. To prevent environmental damage, Genap covers the mounds with AVI bottom geomembrane.

Within an exceptionally short timeframe of just 12 working days, Genap applied as much as 20,700m² of geomembrane. Thanks to close collaboration and effective communication, this project was completed extremely efficiently and to great satisfaction.

"The internal communication and clearly expressed expectations from both parties converge to achieve a highly effective and goal-oriented end result."

Project Management