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BAM Infra Netherlands | Raalte-Ommen, The Netherlands

Underpasses at main road N348

The provincial road N348 between Raalte and Ommen has unfortunately been the scene of numerous accidents, prompting the province of Overijssel to take measures to improve traffic safety. Previously, the N348 intersected the Oude Twentseweg and the Dalmsholterdijk, but now underpasses have been created at these locations. In this new arrangement, traffic can continue unhindered, without dangerous intersections.

Commissioned by BAM Infra Nederland, Genap started in December 2019 to create a dry construction pit by applying a geomembrane construction at one of the two underpasses. Unique in this work was the necessity to work both ‘in dry conditions’ and ‘in wet conditions.’

Both underpasses have now been completed, achieving a significant improvement in traffic safety in the Netherlands.