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Landfill coverings free from hassle

Erosion issues on landfill slopes, exacerbated by weather conditions like rain and wind, necessitate regular upkeep. Conventional closure methods, which use a thick soil layer and vegetative cover, not only take considerable time to install but also demand high maintenance costs. Additionally, constructing such slopes might lead to stability challenges due to the excessive weight and uneven settling of the base layers. The ClosureTurf® presents a geotechnically sophisticated and rigorously tested solution that delivers consistent results over an extended period (tested for a lifespan of 100 years).

The ClosureTurf® is specifically engineered to satisfy the enduring needs of landfills in any climatic condition. Widely adopted and preferred in the United States, this system enjoys the confidence of landfill operators, engineering consultancies, governmental agencies, and regulatory bodies alike. Its popularity stems from the significant stability enhancements, enduring protection, and reduced maintenance it offers over traditional landfill coverings.

Protection against erosion; has never been so simple

The ClosureTurf® is a patented system from US company WatershedGeo® that consists of three components: a textured geomembrane, an artificial grass turf designed for landfills and a specified backfill material. The system provides predictability compared to conventionally capped landfills by:

  • Reducing the costs of installation and long-term maintenance
  • Providing resilience against extreme weather conditions
  • Offering a long technical lifespan
  • Allowing for straightforward integration with existing landfill gas collection systems
  • Eliminating the need to treat runoff rainwater

Genap; officially certified for the installation of The ClosureTurf®

Genap closely partners with Watershed Geo® for the installation of ClosureTurf® in the Netherlands. For over 70 years, we have specialized in the processing and installation of plastic films, including various sectors of civil engineering such as sunken road sections, water treatment plants, and landfills.

For the application of film constructions in infrastructural projects, such as covering landfills, a recognized and certified company is required to perform the work in accordance with guidelines. Since 1997, Genap has been Kiwa certified according to BRL-K537 and VCA*, ensuring the quality of processing and installation is optimally and sustainably guaranteed, with a clear focus on safe and responsible working practices.

  • The solution for covering landfills without the risk of erosion
  • Equipped with an attractive artificial grass layer; requires little maintenance
  • Suitable for the installation of solar panels like the Powercap®


Mark Visser
Your civil engineering specialist
Mark Visser
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