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Floating wastewater cover

Wastewater, such as leachate or sewage stored in wastewater reservoirs, can cause nuisances for the surrounding area, especially with odour emissions quickly exceeding legally allowed limits. Covering the reservoir with a floating cover is the solution.

Genap boasts a long history in the production and installation of floating covers for reservoirs, serving not just the industrial sector but also agriculture and horticulture. This extensive knowledge and experience are invaluable for the more complex projects encountered in civil engineering. Genap is unique in its ability to install floating covers not only on new reservoirs but also on existing, filled reservoirs.

Construction of the floating cover

Considering the substantial movements within the water, the floating cover is crafted from reinforced geomembrane material. Equipped with floats featuring venting tubes across its surface, the cover efficiently allows for the release of gases accumulating underneath. Designed to mirror the reservoir’s dimensions and shape, it is anchored by embedding it around the perimeter. The cover also provides additional leeway to flexibly move with the water’s varying levels. Any surplus rainwater accumulating on the cover is efficiently expelled using a submersible pump.

  • Resistant to severe weather conditions
  • Can be installed on both new and existing reservoirs
  • Greatly reduces odour emissions


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