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Wastewater storage

The storage of wastewater is commonly done in reservoirs, silos, or concrete containers. The type of geomembrane that can be applied depends on the kind of contaminants present in the water. The storage method may also require a specific geomembrane or necessitate additional protection.

Concrete must be covered with a protective layer to prevent the sealing geomembrane from being damaged by sharp elements in the concrete. Likewise, stones or shells in the ground at reservoirs should be covered with a protective layer. Our own engineering department develops, in consultation with our clients, a custom sealing structure that fits the possibilities regarding the type of storage, the medium, the connections, the installation, and the use. Normally, we use very durable materials with a long lifespan. However, for temporary reservoirs that are needed, for example, only during a construction project, other solutions can also be provided.

  • Both reservoirs, silos and concrete tanks
  • Type of pollution determines type of membrane
  • Also suitable for temporary waste water storage
Mark Visser
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Mark Visser
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