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Hydroclick is a re-lining system tailored for refurbishing clean water cellars and drinking water silos, and it’s also used for process water reservoirs in the food industry, chemistry, and sewage and wastewater treatment plants.

Installing hydroclick concrete protection

The Hydroclick system is designed for quick and reliable installation, making it suitable for both new constructions and renovations. This KIWA-certified system comprises blue (RAL 5012) sheets/rolls of polyethylene (PE 80). This material is not only food-grade but also exceptionally durable, mechanically strong, resilient, and malleable. The system includes a polyethylene sheet with integrated studs to maintain distance from the concrete and snap buttons for attaching the connection profiles. Hydroclick is easily installed. Electrically conductive PE mounting profiles are fixed to the concrete wall to be renovated, after which the sheets/rolls with spacers are snapped into place, and the seams on the profile are sealed with an extrusion weld. Finally, the waterproofness is tested using a spark tester along the mounting profile.

Extra information

Features and benefits

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Resistant to chlorine up to 5 mg/l
  • Durable (> 50 years)
  • Suitable for leak detection
  • No adhesion due to slippery surface
  • Can be washed with high-pressure cleaner
  • Resistant to microbacteria
  • Longer life expectancy than e.g. coating
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