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UPP-Tuonti | Järva, Estonia

Tensioned cover of 38 meters on a slurry silo

Genap supplied a tensioned cover for a new concrete slurry silo, standing 38.4 meters tall with a roof slope of 23 degrees. A notable aspect of this project was the need to accommodate extremely high snow loads, characteristic of the region where the silo is located.

For such tensioned covers, Genap always performs a static calculation early in the sales process. This calculation is crucial to understand the force distribution of the cover and the central column on the silo, allowing the design of the tensioned cover to be tailored to the maximum snow and wind load at the location. Thanks to close cooperation between Genap, local dealers, and the silo supplier, each cover is custom-made, considering the specific requirements of the project.

This collaboration resulted in a structure with a reinforced concrete central column in Järva. The cover itself is made from durable fabric-reinforced PVC membrane, Genatex 920, and is securely fastened with 170 tension points around the concrete silo.

The delivery and installation of the tensioned cover on the slurry silo were managed by our dealer, UPP-Tuonti. This project not only demonstrates Genap’s expertise in delivering high-quality tensioned covers but also its commitment to providing tailor-made solutions for every customer.