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Combination of Mobilis/JJ de Vries | Drachten-Naningaweg, The Netherlands

Watertight geomembrane constructions for bicycle tunnel

Genap was asked to construct a liquid-tight geomembrame construction in dry conditions for the realization of a bicycle tunnel, enabling an unhindered passage for road traffic on the N381.

This construction is realized through the use of an LLDPE 1.5 mm geomembrane, double-sided textured (MST/MSB), together with a protective fabric of 500 gr/m² both under and above the geomembrane, resulting in a total of approximately 12,100 m² of LLDPE 1.5 mm and 24,200 m² of protective fleece 500 gr/m².

The creation of an unobstructed passage is important for promoting traffic flow on the N381, thereby reducing congestion and improving transportation efficiency. Additionally, it contributes to the safety of road users by creating a separate route for cyclists, reducing the risk of accidents.