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C. & J. Bosman | Hyderabad, India

Fully enclosed water reservoir to prevent evaporation and contamination

At the request of C. & J. Bosman BV from Aalsmeer, Genap has constructed a closed water reservoir for the new construction of a greenhouse complex near Hyderabad, India, for Bayer Bioscience. Bayer Bioscience is a global player in the research, development, and marketing of high-quality hybrid seeds for field crops. Due to the fact that in this part of India rain falls only during the monsoon season (July/August) and the average daily temperatures are around 30°C, a closed water reservoir was chosen. This closed system also ensures that the stored water does not become contaminated from the outside and that there is virtually no evaporation.

The closed basin consists of two layers of membrane between which the irrigation water is pumped. Aquatex EX membrane was used for the basin membrane, and a special fabric-reinforced PVC membrane of 900 gr/m², UV stabilized, was used as a floating cover. The materials used for this project include:

  • Protective fleece NW20: 3600m²
  • Basin membrane Aquatex EX 1 mm: 3600m²
  • Floating cover Genatex 900 gr/m² UV: 3600m²
  • 14 vent cushions
  • Various connections to fill and drain pipeslines.

"Genap excels in flexibility and innovation when it comes to developing closed water solutions and silos. This makes Genap unique and an excellent partner for Bosman International BV!"

Marco Braam, Director of Bosman International BV