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Reliant Installations Ltd. | Rushden, England

Genatop for Permastore silo

In collaboration with Reliant Installation Ltd and Wopereis Staalbouw from Doetinchem, Genap completed a high-quality project in Rushden, England. This project involved the installation of a Genatop silo cover on a Permastore silo, specifically designed for fertilizer storage for a biogas plant. The Genatop, with a diameter of 36 meters, exemplifies craftsmanship and efficiency.

The design of the silo cover was meticulously carried out by the engineering department, paying close attention to the specific needs of the customer. The Genatop silo cover is equipped with a solid stainless steel 304 support structure and is covered with Genatex 850 grey, a fabric-reinforced PVC of 850 gr/m² with a manure certificate. Moreover, two access manholes are integrated for easy access to the silo.

This cover not only provides optimal protection against weather conditions but also minimizes odor nuisance, offering an efficient and sustainable storage solution for fertilizers in the biogas industry.

“As a UK based business partner, we find Genap to be efficient, professional, and courteous; their product arrives on time, is of excellent quality, installation is straight forward, with any site issues being resolved in an efficient and cost effective manner. ”

Martin Roberts, Commercial Manager