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Genap obtains HortiQ certificate

18 March 2024

We are proud to have recently obtained the HortiQ certificate as the first specialist in plastic geomembrane constructions. This certificate attests to a high level of expertise and assures customers that the company operates according to clear procedures and criteria in the design process and construction of a high-tech greenhouse or installation. The HortiQ certificate demonstrates our serious commitment to quality and our ability to ensure it. Additionally, it confirms our position as one of the frontrunners in the international greenhouse industry.

Independent and objective

The scale of projects is growing, and they are becoming technically more complex. Furthermore, clients are increasingly looking for turnkey solutions and transparent quality. That’s why last year, HortiQ started with six leading greenhouse builders to introduce the Dutch comprehensive HortiQ certificate: an independent and objective quality system for Dutch greenhouse builders, installation companies, and other technical suppliers in greenhouse horticulture.

Requirements based on NEN standards

The HortiQ certificate is awarded to companies that have been assessed by KIWA regarding their internal processes, organization, and product quality. The requirements for this are based on the NEN standards and the standards set in quality manuals. Genap already met the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems. This was advantageous for us in the HortiQ certification, which is partly based on those ISO standards.

Further promoting the Dutch quality-oriented image

The Dutch greenhouse sector has an impressively strong international reputation. A certificate like HortiQ is highly valuable in the growing national and international market. A Dutch comprehensive certificate helps further promote the Netherlands’ quality-oriented image.

Your horticulture specialist
Roger Vos
Sales Manager Horticulture Benelux